BPS Trainee conference (27th July)



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Do you want to know how you can how you can become more engaged in shaping your experience as a trainee psychologist?

  • Join us to learn how you can use the concept of ‘job crafting’ to positively influence your trainee journey
  • It doesn’t matter whether you are at the beginning of your journey, the end or somewhere in between, all trainees are welcome

The BPS Trainee Conference organising team and PsyPAG have put together an innovative and creative day of learning how job crafting – i.e. making small adjustments to your trainee journey – can optimise your experience as a trainee psychologist. You will have the opportunity to critically reflect upon where you are in your own journey, share your experiences and discuss them within a context of best practices. There will be an experiential job crafting workshop which will help you explore the resources, demands and challenges of your trainee journey. Following feedback from attendees at the 2016 Trainee Conference, keynote speakers will include trainees and recently qualified practitioners from different divisions who will share their experience and best practices.

The day will also include an interactive poster presentation workshop addressing aspects of applied practice – e.g. a case study of applied practice; critical reflection on the experience of supervision; development of your philosophy of professional practice. These are indicative, and we welcome abstracts on others aspects of applied practice and your experience as a trainee practitioner psychologist. There will be a prize for the best poster.

Or please just join us on the day and we look forward to seeing you in Newcastle!

Best regards, the trainee conference team.

Kathryn Waddington: University of Westminster & Chair of BPS Qualifications Committee

Angela Carter: Institute of Work Psychology, Sheffield University Management School & Just Development

Moira Lafferty: University of Chester & Chief Supervisor for Sport & Exercise Psychology Stage 2

Gail Steptoe-Warren: Coventry University & Chief Assessor for Occupational Psychology Stage 2

Emma Norris: University College London & PsyPAG Chair